I have been trained at the Australian Depression Institute and I am committed to their proven and succesful methodology... "The Fountainhead Method ". I have also been trained by the Inner-Voyage organisation and I am a Certified Holistic Counsellor

Psychological Stress is not caused by life events, but how we see, interpret and react to life events. How we react to life events is determined, in turn, by our personal beliefs.

Our beliefs are the "understandings" that we posess.... the views and opinions that we hold on how life works. Our beliefs have been developing since before we were born ... commencing with the genes passed down fom our parents and influenced by our school life, our teachers, our family, our peers, the media, our readings and our life experiences. It is when our beliefs, and therefore our view of events, are inaccurate or irrational , that we develop Psychological Stress

The "Fountainhead Method" shows us how to "upgrade" our beliefs so that they become accurate and rational ... thereby removing the catalyst for Psychological Stress ...

"Never Be S.A.D. Again !"

That's the name of my new Group or Corporate Stress Management Program

Most of my Counselling has been one-on-one, as that provides the best opportunityt to explore specific problems and develop specific solutions

However, it's not always possible or practical to Counsel or Coach by this method ... especially in a Group situation or in a very short timeframe.

"Never Be Stressed, Ancious or Depressed Again" consists of a 2 hour presentation, combined with an email support service.

I take a group, of at least 3 people, through two phases of Coaching. In the first hour, we explore what really causes us Stress, or Anxiety or Depression ... and we debunk the major myths.

In the second hour, I teach the participants a new healthier way of approaching life, and all its inconvenient events ..... such as death, divorce, unemployment, relationship issues, moving house, changing jobs etc.

We finish off with the exploration of tools and techniques to help us implement the new philosophy into our lives. As you could imagine, trying to cover all this in 2 hours is quite intense ... and a fair amount of information processing is required afterwards. That is why I offer free email support, to compliment the presentation. There is also the option of continuing on a one-on-one basis at a later date. Please contact me if you would like to discuss the program.

" God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me "

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