My Story

Iam graduate of the School of Life. Although I have my fair share of certificates hanging up in my office, my real learning has been out there ... amongst it. I've worked in many industries and professions ... I've worked as a Bank Officer, living in many country towns, I've run my own retail shop, worked in the Aviation industry, represented the Australian Government in overseas negotiations, run my own Vdeo Production company, set up and directed the inaugural Australian International Digital Film Festival, been part of a multi million dollar Government project and I've been unemployed. I've encountered the joy of overseas travel and the thrill at being involved in our two childrens' development.

My life hobby has been aviation ... in all its forms and I've been lucky enough to have been employed in that Industry for over 20 years of my working life. I'm a practical and logical person, so my credentials in Project and Knowledge Management have allowed me to use my skills in organising, and re-organising, corporate systems and procedures... a process that I really enjoy.

More recently, my journey has taken me into the field of Life Coaching and Counselling ... not really that surprising, as the tools that I use are based on rational logic and reality.

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I'm available for work here in Australia or by remote technology.