Internet Research

Do you have some time to spare? I thought not. That's why you should get me to do your Internet Research for you. Saving time and money for

  • Story Writers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Feature Writers
  • Web Content Writers
  • Article Writers
  • Journal Writers
  • Manual Writers

I'll wade through the thousands of Internet pages, filtering credible and quotable sources that you, or your writers, can use to provide the maximum proof to support your writings. I'll find what's most relevant and leave out the rest...

Then you, or your writers, can focus on doing that one task that gives you the most value - writing! As they write, they can just scan through the focused research I provide to quickly pull out the quote, statistic, or other element that will make their copy as persuasive as possible.

  1. Save valuable time
  2. Do what really interests you
  3. Write quicker
  4. Make more money on higher value tasks