Web Site Development

How do we develop a website? Where do we start?.

Not with the DESIGN !

Like all projects, systems and procedures ... we have to follow a step by step process. The following process covers off most of the main tasks, in a logical order:

  1. Discuss the reason an organisation needs a website and the expectations of the Organisation.
  2. Discuss the Organisation's typical Client, and what influences their purchasing decisions.
  3. Determine how the website fits into the Organisation's marketing plan.
  4. Research ... to find out what Clients are searching for in Google or Yahoo ... in relation to the business (keywords).
  5. Carefully plan a site architecture which is best for the demographic and online search trends. That is, have a site that is easy for search engines to follow, is designed with the target market in mind, and has clear definitions of conversion goals.
  6. Create a design which speaks to the target demographic.
  7. Launch the site and begin an internet marketing plan to fulfill realistic expectations.
  8. Modify the strategic marketing plan, as needed, in response to real-time data.
However, no two Organisations are the same, nor have the same expectations, resources, budgets or timeframes... so variations of this process are common